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International operation of speed post service has brought enough relief for the customers. It is a proven fact that international speed post is well planned solution by the government so it values the money spent. Usually denoted with EMS, international speed post service has wonderful tracking option called international speed post tracking. It guarantees timely and prompt detail so easy tracking to attract customers. The international spped post rates are different from domestic ones for which specific rule is applicable.

Key Features:

Noticeable aspects that keep EMS service of international speed post must be learnt in different perspectives through knowing the key features. Factors as assessed are noted here:

  • Impressive choices of international speed post tracking accepted universally
  • Both online and telephonic tracking options available  
  • Additional services including the prompt parcel tracking system
Speed Post Information, Complaints And Tracking Problems
City/ Center Telephone No Tel No - Manager Email ID
Delhi 1800 119888 98680 21828 spc.delhi@indiapost.gov.in
Mumbai  022-2615 6125 022-2615 6093 spc.mumbai@indiapost.gov.in
Chennai 044-2829 2001 94444 04509 spc.chennai@indiapost.gov.in
Kolkata 033-2212 0476 033-2212 1160 spc.kolkata@indiapost.gov.in

Clear cut rules applicable for the calculation of international spped post rates simplify a task so customers find in it an opportunity for maximum exploration. Key features that make the international speed post outstanding are globally accelerated delivery services it has and the postal service in association with a particular country where consignment is delivered. Any online option is not confined to mere tracking. One can crosscheck international spped post rates online. The universal postal union operating in the world is the association that eases a task so speed post services are processed internationally.

It is indeed a best choice that international speed post tracking is made simple and hassle free through application of modern tools especially information technology infrastructures. The postal services have been harmonized worldwide, so has various types of benefits in the kitty now. Reasonable costs and timely deliveries are some key features of the international speed post that keep it ahead from the many privately operated courier services. The group has tied-up with several international postal giants for fast deliveries worldwide.

Time-bound and express delivery of consignments besides providing ample room to the customers to have updated international speed post tracking makes it an ultimate postal option. The international spped post rates would vary from one country to the other, so are the variances in terms of the weight of consignments. It has also started e-payment facility besides international money transfers which make it an all in one avenue to use and enjoy. It provides avenue to people for an affordable but exclusive international post.

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