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Speedpost is a service which makes the delivery time duration of any letter or parcel with half of its original or general time. This service of speed post was started in the year 1986. This service of speedpost in our country is known as the service of Speedpost India. With the entire office of post, the beginning for this Speedpost India service was started. This service of speed post delivers every sort of posting things and letters to each and every corner of the destination to where it belongs.

With the past twenty years, this service of speedpost is been the leading market mailing enterprise which delivers up to 1.5 crores of mails and it is exceeding day by day. With this mailing service of speed post, it created history by their lower rates of charges. Various schemes are launched with this Speedpost India service but, according to its speedpost status. Now, a speedpost status is a planned procedure of the entire format and progress for the work. This speedpost status defines the entire progress done up till yet since from the beginning of it. Moreover, the year by year information of average progressive speedpost service is also described under this speedpost status. This speedpost status also defines the rates and charges which are to be imposed upon the mails according to their weight and form. Up till now rates of Rs.25 is charged on all kind of speed post service according to the new scheme of this status and plans. This new scheme of Speedpost India service is a unique plan which allows the customers to mail letters or parcels to any corner of the country in the issued charges.

Now, the Speedpost India service also introduced a scheme which namely known as value for money. This scheme of speedpost works according to the charges applied as per the mailing parcels or letters. These stuffs are first measured as per standard speed post charges with their weight and then according to their weight, the fees are applied on it. The standard charges for the local service are of Rs.12 for per fifty grams of parcels or letters which is determined by the government of the country.

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